Friday, April 10, 2009

Piece by Piece the Story unfolds

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Sneaked another visit to Crystal Palace. I just cannot stay away now. In fact I get there that often "Security" think I work there which saves climbing the wall after dark!! It gets better every time and we now know that the National Tetrathlon 25/26 April will be the very first use of the refurbished pool and facilities. I like Crystal Palace. There are 144 entries for the Nat Tet (from Bath mole agent) and so it is to be a very good test. The site for the combined event in the athletics stadium is looking pristine almost manicured.

Pool lane ropes have been test fitted, the timing equipment has been commissioned and boy was I lucky, the new big display in the pool was on the day I was there. It showed the World Championships promo video plus lots of other brilliant stuff. The new swim start blocks have a reaction timer built in that can be shown on the display. The block surface is very high friction and the little ramp at the back should give everyone a brill start.
The fencing salle is all but ready and the multi game lines have all been affixed and the floor looks so good it seems a shame to walk on it.

I am sorry to disappoint but news on the shooting gallery is very thin on the ground. I know it has had a trial construction but I missed it. All I can now say is it sounds ever so exciting and is sure to be a knock out when it arrives. You can't get the right moles, you know.

The Pent-ster will be working on the inside at the National Tetrathlon so watch out for the hot gossip. I am hoping that it will be a feast.