Monday, August 10, 2009

The Pentser has now arrived at Crystal Palace with glorious sunshine all day. The shooting range is well on the way, the riding arena fences are all erected, the fencing pistes are installed, the computer network is working in the main building and the goody bags are done. And, that was really day one of the build. It is all mighty impressive with two days to go.

Weather forecast for the first two days of the competition is now on the quality forecast agenda and it is for temperatures around 24/25 C with light winds, no rain and little wind. Could is be better?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weather - First look

Weather forecasts are now starting to cover the World Championships' period

Thursday Mens Semi: dry 21C 30% cloud little wind
Friday Womens Semi: dry 23C 30% cloud little wind
Weather at Crystal Place today has started well with a sunny morning.
It will even be dry for the Chippenfields erecting the range.

But remember this is UK and it might not follow the script. When did it last snow in August?
Bring it on!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Five Days to go

Well we are nearly there, five days to go to the biggest show on earth. Well for Pentathlon this year anyway. This is a blockbuster. Not been to Crystal Place this week myself but the spy tells me that it has been an exciting week there with all the big hitters there to set out the stall so that every blade of grass is in order when the athletes and punters arrive. The deadlines are all but done, the kit is arriving day by day and the volunteers begin to arrive from now onwards. Health and Safety is high on the agenda (how boring?) but at least we will all be safe. The computers are all tested, the timing practiced and the shooting range is about to arrive. If you want to see and get amongst the real Chipperfields then volunteer to help next week, they will be flexing their glistening muscles in the August sunshine all week. The UIPM is excited.

Maybe as part of the build up, who knows, Heather Fell the World number one woman Pentathlete is to appear on the National Lottery show live tomorrow. What a warm up?

More blogs, as much as I can, all next week with pics from between and behind the curtains.