Monday, March 23, 2009

And now it is Full!

Well the long delayed commitee meeting took place with good weather. I hid away in the spot that I have found in the rafters and it didn't half go on and on. Frankly it was very boring. They seem to know what they are doing and I am sure it will be great when it happens.

Information is beginning leak out about the fantabulous shooting range. I am hoping to get a World exclusive on this soon but it is for sure a very special item. It has had to be very compliant with all sorts of constraints and from what I understand it has been checked out and is now being got ready for the test event 25/26 April.

Managed to get over the wall again at Crystal Palace just to check all is in order and that no one is pulling any flankers. The pool is now full and up to temperatureand it looks absolutely stunning. It is quite an old pool though but the work that has been done makes it looks tremendous. No sign of the new scoreboard though. See picture above. Fencing hall now has its new floor, new lighting, new air conditioning and lots of new paint.

I stood in the stadium where the ride and CE will be run. It was just empty and ideal for meditation. It is difficult to believe that this pristine place, beautiful green grass with the inevitable football pitch on it will be the theatre for the World Championships. Everyone should stand in an empty stadium once in their lives. It is a refreshing and wonderful experience. It was a crisp March day with gentle breeze and warm sun, just perfect.