Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Test Event and Some

Just had a brilliant weekend at Crystal Palace. 144 competitors, even more supporters, volunteers, officials, bosses, consultants, UIPM officials all enjoyed the NEW Crystal Palace that was bathed in sunshine for most of the weekend that saw the GBR National Tetrathlon test the facilities to be used in August for the World Championships. Me, the Pent-ster met Rae, Iris, Seb and Mauro from UIPM. I almost met Joel as well. I have fans at the UIPM in Monaco as I have seen my name on their website. Now they know they met me and hopefully won't have a clue about the real me. Ha Ha!

The new shooting range (never call it a shooting gallery as it upsets the boss) was the star of the weekend. It took hours to put together but didn't it look good. All that pristine glistening aluminium in the sunshine. Designed to the last millimetre and state of the art. Has anybody else gone to this much trouble to produce the perfect range. The new UIPM targets landed in UK for the first time with all the latest mods. and their designer Seb on board. They worked OK but I think a few more will be needed by August.

Fencing took all day and looked well organised. A big Hungarian man in charge should stop any arguments on the big day. It was Tamas Varga who is very friendly helpful man that everyone is pleased to have around. Istvan Utczás was there to support the superb Cardsys software, UK is now almost his second home. The special realtionship between UK and Hungary is growing folks. The swimming ran smoothly and including the first use of the new timing equipment where everyone learnt as they went. Still no slip ups. Young Jackie had itchy fingers as she has now handed the Swim event over to Les Debenham.