Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Water at the Palace - Dry in Bath

Took a leap over the wall and just checked that Crystal Palace is on schedule to deliver the venue for the Championships and the test competition in April aka the National Tetrathlon. Well all is looking well and the pool is now being refilled - click on picture to enlarge. This takes time so as not deprive South London of its water supply. (Scaffolding on right is for the erection of the super all purpose scoreboard with live pictures etc.)

All of the big wigs have been trialling their organisation down at Bath. Lots of athletes there too and everyone drove home with smiles on their faces so the inevitable Combined Event has been adopted and tackled with relish. The course in Bath has been a bit soft though with it being part indoors and some of it on carpet! I cannot believe that. Strangely the familiar faces are still topping the leader board but with some Russell fellow muscling in amongst them. Well the Crystal folks should toughen up the whole affair with it being in the open air. With any luck it will blow a gale, with near zero temperatures and lots of rain , that'll show em'.

The cancelled planning meeting looks to be back on again, so watch this space. I will try to hide in my usual place to get all the goss. Bye