Friday, February 6, 2009

It Snowed!

Last Monday I braved snow and ice during my trek to Slough for the organising meeting. Got nicely hidden away in my special place and no one showed up! Check the date - OK, checked the place - OK. OH YES the weather. M25 closed in three places, no trains, no buses (this is UK with 150mm of snow) and nothing moving so what did they do: called it off ! What a load of wimps. No sandwiches. Nothing. I was hoping for loads of goss but nothing. Trouble is Pentster is not on any many email lists so no one tells me what is going on. I have to rely on leaks, leaks in this weather, you have got to be joking!

See the British Pentathletes on the M&S website modelling their kit:

Frightening Eh?

Factoid 4
These World Championships will be the first World Championships for any Olympic Sport to be held in London for over 25 years. Not a lot of people know that!