Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Relays and things

I see that the Guv'nor has launched the Real Official website. Doesn't it look goood? He has found out about me already and linked me in!! I had to do a bit of work harmonising the colours as he is SOooo fussy but what an honour, maybe he thinks that I will blow the whistle on him now and again and this is a bribe so that I am kept in order. Time will tell.

From a special correspondent:

It has been decided this week that the Relay for the World Championships 2009 will be of the mixed variety. This is one boy and one girl in each team with 20 teams to compete in a single day. This will be held the day after the Individual World Championships, Monday 17th August and shorten the WC programme by a day. If you want to get technical see UIPM rule: 1.10.3 Don't forget you read it here first and not a lot of people know about this!

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expenta said...

Dear Friends!

is that so simple?
TC decides and LOC must do it!?
was there any discussion with LOC?