Friday, December 26, 2008

Crystal Palace Refurbishment

No doubt you have heard that the main arena and swimming pool at Crystal Palace has been closed since latish 2007.

The work is now nearly done and the pool is due to be refilled and heated in about six weeks time. The refurbishment has removed all asbestos, completely renewed all mechanical services, renewed all lighting over the pool and arena and carried out rewiring of many other areas. The changing rooms have been gutted and refitted to the highest and most modern standards. You may not notice much difference as a visitor but believe the Pent-ster when he says that beneath the skin, Crystal Palalce has had the Heineken treatment. Most impressive.

Anoraks Corner

Factoid 1: Crystal Palace Arena and Pool is a Grade 2 listed building
Factoid 2: The 10m diving platform is a Grade 1 listed structure, being the first reinforced concrete diving platform ever built.
Factoid 3: Crystal Palace pool was originally built as a 55 yard pool. Some thirty years ago it was shortened to 50m by reducing its length by 29.2cm but was measured with only one touch pad. During the current work it has been increased in length by about 30mm to fully meet FINA standards when using touchpads at each end. It has now been approved by FINA.

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